I’ll be posting short reviews of several different YA book subscription boxes over the next few weeks to help people with their holiday gift lists! All of these boxes are so much fun because you get a surprise new release book in the mail (and most come with some pretty awesome book merch). The boxes vary in price, content, and how frequently they’re shipped, so hopefully these comparisons can help you narrow down your choices!


OwlCrate was probably the first box I saw on bookstagram — it’s absolutely everywhere! So many of the people I’m following subscribe to this box that I needed to check it out for myself.

This box ships monthly and costs $29.99 before shipping (although it’s a bit cheaper per box if you subscribe and prepay for a 3 or 6 month period). There are a lot of discount codes floating around instagram with reps, too!


Each box has one new book and then 3-5 other bookish items. OwlCrate picks a theme every month and tailors the items in their box around that theme. The theme for this October box was “Once Upon a Dream.”


This box came with a Peter Pan beanie from Whosits and Whatsits, a fabric bookmark from My Heart My Tribe, a Wizard of Oz journal, a “Once Upon a Dream” bracelet, the Owlcrate note + pin, a bookmark, and then the hardcover of Vassa in the Night with a signed bookplate, note, and temporary tattoo! Here’s everything together:

The theme concept was neat and the wide variety of items made the box really fun to dig through! I like that you also have the option to buy the box as a one time gift instead of subscribing. I think I might get the November box since the theme is “Wonderland.”

You can see the contents of past OwlCrate boxes here. Let me know in the comments if you’ve received an OwlCrate box before and what you thought!


14 comments on “YA Subscription Box Reviews: OwlCrate”

  1. I want all the bookish things! But I can’t seem to find a book box that has what I like, and ships to Germany for LESS THAN $20 (SAD FACE). I always get so jealous watching other readers unbox their mystery books XD And Vassa in the Night is soooo pretty!

    • Oh no, I forgot about international shipping! Ugh that’s too bad. I know a lot of the boxes are based out of the UK – is that any cheaper? I hope you can find something fun too!!

    • Yes, it’s definitely a favorite of mine so far too! I just love how many items they have for the price.

  2. Only just now seeing this but I was subscribed to this for five (ish?) months and I loved every single box! I loved every single book that I got and the little goodies inside were always amazing. The only reason why I stopped really was that it was adding up and student loans are coming up haha *sadface*

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