booktimeI just wanted to make a quick post about the amount of time that goes into book blogging as both a shoutout to all of you busy book bloggers AND a heads up to anyone interested in getting into the book community more.

First of all, blogging (or being active on any social media platform) is an actual time commitment, so think of it more like a fun hobby. You should be doing it because you LOVE reading and the book community! If you’re just doing this to get free books, you might burn out quickly (or not, who knows).

Some people assume that book bloggers lounge around reading most of the time and then casually take a few shots with their phone. A few of the individual elements might be brief, but there is a LOT that adds up!

So before you launch yourself into blogging and get super overwhelmed, here are some of the basics in my week:

The blog

  • I’m sure once everything is up and running it’s a lot less of a time suck, but I’m STILL coding everything and getting stuff put together. I put about 4 hours/week into getting blog posts ready and managing the actual site (updates, security issues, moderating comments, search engine optimization, etc…).


  • Ok, I’ll admit I’m overactive on Twitter to the point of being obnoxious BUT your presence on this platform is also something to factor in. It takes time.


  • Reblogging posts
  • Responding to asks
  • Posting your own material (I mostly just share my instagram pictures on Tumblr, so I probably only put in like an hour a week on here at most).


  • Responding to authors, publishers, and other emails takes at least 30 min/day.


  • Responding to comments
  • Being generally active & commenting on others’ posts
  • Editing photos
  • TAKING THE ACTUAL PICTURES (and then cleaning up afterwards)… this really varies with how elaborate the shot is, but I cannot express how long it takes on days when I have zero inspiration. Like I will make a giant mess, take 50 shots, trash all of them, and then just take 1 basic shot and tell myself I’ll actually put some effort in tomorrow. And repeat.
  • This all adds up to about 45 min each day. (Sometimes I’ll just spend 2 hours on the weekend taking all of my shots for the week). Maybe if I put more thought into it, it would go faster…

Following other blogs

  • It’s nice to see what others are doing and comment on their posts!


  • I read about 1 book/day so I usually write a review each day. I probably spend about an hour on Goodreads updating reviews, responding to comments, and liking & commenting on others’ activity!

And then you also need to read…

That means I generally put in at least 2 hours/day managing everything. I know my situation is a bit different because I can’t go anywhere for school or work right now and my whole life is online. I tend to read a bit more to distract myself from severe health issues, so that means I have more to post (which then requires more time).

So the time that goes into blogging totally varies for everyone depending on what their blog is like and which platforms they’re most active on! A lot of bloggers are also on Facebook, Pinterest, and do a bunch of other stuff as well.

Also, if it ever feels gets overwhelming or isn’t fun anymore, totally cut down on what you do!!! We all still love you and will be here whenever you get back 🙂

What has your experience with book blogging looked like??


36 comments on “The Time That Goes Into Book Blogging”

  1. So I am brand new to this and I spend a lot of time trying to set up all the different platforms and get the kinks out of them. Sometimes I feel like more time goes into that than reading, which is a serious buzz kill. But I, too, have started doing this because of severe health issues that has forced my life online. It is interesting trying to figure out and the photo shoots take way more time than I ever thought possible lol.

    • Yes, the initial setup of all the accounts is definitely super time-consuming!! And I totally agree with everything else you said too. Hope your health gets better soon! 🙂

  2. It’s a tremendous amount of work when you’re trying do it properly and create quality content. It looks like fun–and it is— but it’s also a ton of work! Thanks for this!

  3. I only started blogging recently, and it’s already taken up a ton of time. It definitely takes commitment but I absolutely love it, and I was already constantly reviewing books on Goodreads anyways. I still have yet to try coding my website, and once I figure out how I want to, I’m gonna try.

  4. I spend so much time on it, which I would never have thought. :’)
    Sometimes I don’t even get to reading, because I have to take pictures and write reviews and maintain my blog. I always forget to reply to people’s blog posts, mainly because I just don’t have the time. It’s a busy life.

  5. I just got into the blogging game and I knew it would gobble up a lot of my time but woah, I did not expect how time-consuming it could actually be. Sometimes I don’t get to reading because I have to write posts, schedule, publish, take pics, and so many other things. It’s a busy life, but I love it! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at first but I read so much this summer, book blogging seemed the way to go. I just hope I can maintain everything now that I’m returning to school. Do you mind if I reblog this post on my site? I’m sure it might help many others out there.

    • Yeah, as long as you link back go ahead!! And I know a lot of bloggers cut back when they return to school, so I hope you can still find some time to read! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, that is definite commitment right there! And I totally agree — it’s a lot of time but worth it.

  6. Ah yes, the dog days of kid-filled summer. I know everybody tells you to enjoy them, that they pass by too quickly, but I’ll repeat that advice. And also that I sympathize for how exhausting they can be. I’m sending an extra couple of days your way to take care of that time problem.

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