Brittney at Her Bookish Things and I are doing a Throne of Glass read-along to get ready for the September 6 release of Empire of Storms! (It seems like everyone likes to read The Assassin’s Blade at a different point in the series, so you can mix it up if that works better for you).

I’ll be posting fan art and theories on Tumblr, pictures on Instagram, polls on Twitter, my favorite ToG merchandise on my blog, and will be doing an international giveaway below! I’ll also update my reviews with way more detail and link them to the thoughts of other readers, so let me know if you have a review to share!

Awesome update: I was given a full set of the hardcovers I already have, so I’m doing a Twitter giveaway for those as well!


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22 comments on “Throne of Glass Read-Along”

  1. omg funny bc i was planing on reading queen of shadows when i get back home in august , i will try to join in then :p funny how also places assassins blade after heir of fire, bc i read it in hat order too 😛

  2. Super excited about this read-along, but even MORE excited to see all the fan art, theories and more! I just wish Empire of Storms could be released earlier, but at least this is getting me more pumped!!

    can;t wait for more Rowaelin!!! OMG this book is going to be epic holy. can’t wait. i need this in my life

  4. I really wanna do the read along but I already started The Lost Hero before I knew about the read along 😭😭 maybe I can jump in a bit later

  5. I just finished ACOTAR and ACOMAF. I loved them!!!! Now I know I definitely have to read this series too because her writing is to die for!!!

  6. OMG!! This is awesome!! Throne of Glass became in an instant favorite! I actually tried to read a book from a different series right after it and found out that I just couldn’t get into it (even though it was an amazing book too!) But I was suffering from too much withdrawal so I read the Assassin’s Blade. I haven’t got back to the series yet even though I’m dying to (trying to get through my TBR list, other recommendations, and trying a bunch of new authors) But this….this looks like the perfect excuse to dive right back and feed the addiction!!

  7. omg,
    empire of storms is going to be out so soon!!!! i love this book series. i’m pretty sure it took a week to read each book. I love all of them. and each of them have something that ripped my heart out as well. i still can’t get over sam, and when she visited the cemetery. i’m pretty sure you will find all my books stained with tears. ahhhh it’s so close i wish i had it right now. i’m going to have to take the day off school so i can finish it all in one day, which might be a little hard with over 700 pages!!!
    omg i love this

    • That cemetery scene WAS super emotional! And yeah the countdown is getting super close… so excited.

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