• Page Count: 380
  • Release Date: June 24, 2014
  • My Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet Based on the Emmy Award–winning YouTube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Twenty‑four‑year‑old grad student Lizzie Bennet is saddled with student loan debt and still living at home along with her two sisters—beautiful Jane and reckless Lydia. When she records her reflections on life for her thesis project and posts them on YouTube, she has no idea The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will soon take on a life of their own, turning the Bennet sisters into internet celebrities seemingly overnight.

When rich and handsome Bing Lee comes to town, along with his stuck‑up friend William Darcy, things really start to get interesting for the Bennets—and for Lizzie’s viewers. But not everything happens on‑screen. Lucky for us, Lizzie has a secret diary.

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet takes readers deep inside Lizzie’s world and well beyond the confines of her camera—from the wedding where she first meets William Darcy to the local hangout of Carter’s bar, and much more. Lizzie’s private musings are filled with revealing details about the Bennet household, including her growing suspicions about her parents’ unstable financial situation, her sister’s budding relationship with Bing Lee, the perils of her unexpected fame, and her uncertainty over her future—and whom she wants to share it with.

My Thoughts:


If you have any love for Pride & Prejudice you seriously need to read this book — it’s easily the best Jane Austen retelling I’ve ever found! There’s SO much in this that wasn’t in the show! It makes everything a million times better and expands on so, so much that it’s just amazing.

In case you haven’t seen the youtube series, it’s about grad student Lizzie Bennet who vlogs about her life. She’s from a middle class family struggling to make ends meet, so she and Jane live at home with their parents & Lydia at the start. Most of the videos obviously have to be filmed in her bedroom, so she cheesily acts out the parts of some people when she’s recapping events (but Darcy, Bing, Caroline, Wickham, Lydia, Jane, Charlotte, Collins, Georgiana, Fitz, and the emo cousin Mary all show up eventually as she films in other locations). It’s absolutely genius how everything comes together — like Kitty Bennet is HER CAT AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER THAT.

The casting is just perfect (and the diversity is awesome). It might actually be more perfect than the actual Pride & Prejudice movies at times.

There’s Lydia:




and Darcy:

This book covers all of the story you see in the series, but then expands on so much. Like she’ll casually mention a party in an episode, but then this book actually goes into the whole scene and EVERYTHING gets developed way more.

I watched the show back when we had to check back weekly for a new episode, but didn’t realize this book existed until last year. So I’m just throwing this out there in case anyone else loved the show and hasn’t seen this!!

And I haven’t read the Lydia book yet, but that also exists 🙂


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  1. omg I have to check this out! I love little web series like this – I adored The Guild with Felicia Day. And since I <3 anything pride & prejudice, it's good to know this is so fun and does it justice! Do you think it would be better to watch the web series first or read the book before watching? 🙂

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