• Page Count: 557
  • Release Date: October 12, 2010
  • My Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1) Jason has a problem.
He doesn’t remember anything before waking up in a bus full of kids on a field trip. Apparently he has a girlfriend named Piper, and a best friend named Leo. They’re all students at a boarding school for “bad kids.” What did Jason do to end up here? And where is here, exactly?

Piper has a secret.
Her father has been missing for three days, ever since she had that terrifying nightmare about his being in trouble. Piper doesn’t understand her dream, or why her boyfriend suddenly doesn’t recognize her. When a freak storm hits during the school trip, unleashing strange creatures and whisking her, Jason, and Leo away to someplace called Camp Half-Blood, she has a feeling she’s going to find out.

Leo has a way with tools.
When he sees his cabin at Camp Half-Blood, filled with power tools and machine parts, he feels right at home. But there’s weird stuff, too—like the curse everyone keeps talking about, and some camper who;s gone missing. Weirdest of all, his bunkmates insist that each of them—including Leo—is related to a god. Does this have anything to do with Jason’s amnesia, or the fact that Leo keeps seeing ghosts?

My Thoughts:


I thought the Percy Jackson series was fun, but I like this one a lot more! The characters are in their teens now and the tone seems like it’s aimed at a slightly older audience than the previous series. The books are longer as well.

Jason, Piper, and Leo are all new characters but they still end up at Camp Half-Blood with some familiar faces like Annabeth. She spends most of the story hunting for Percy who’s missing and doesn’t go on the main quest, though. I loved all three of main characters and their POVs. Leo is hilarious! And the diversity was nice to see — Piper is Cherokee and Leo is Latino.

The story itself was really fun at the beginning but then it kind of dragged a bit when there were too many questions and just a bunch of cryptic answers. But it was still a cool idea to have a Jason build strong relationships and take on a quest without even knowing who he is — that really solidified his character. And the blending of Roman & Greek mythology through Jason added a lot, too.

The end totally redeemed everything and set the next book up to be awesome! So there’s lots of potential here and I’ll be continuing this series!

I definitely recommend reading the Percy Jackson series before this one, though, because this is more like a continuation and would spoil pretty much everything.



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