• Page Count: 400
  • Release Date: March 8, 2016
  • My Rating: 1.5 stars

Goodreads book description:

The Keeper of the Mist Keri has been struggling to run her family bakery since her mother passed away.  Now the father she barely knew—the Lord of Nimmira—has died, and ancient magic has decreed that she will take his place as the new Lady. The position has never been so dangerous: the mists that hide Nimmira from its vicious, land-hungry neighbors have failed, and Keri’s people are visible to strangers for the first time since the mists were put in place generations ago.

At the same time, three half-brothers with their own eyes on the crown make life within the House just as dangerous as the world outside. But Keri has three people to guide her: her mysterious Timekeeper, clever Bookkeeper, and steadfast Doorkeeper. Together they must find a way to repair the boundary before her neighbors realize just how vulnerable Nimmira is.

My Thoughts:


It had a promising premise, but the actual point of the story didn’t even get explained until at least 20%. This whole book actually felt more like a draft of a middle grade story than a finished YA novel.

The writing was clunky and tried to jump right into the story by having Keri frost cakes in her bakery while her pretty friend spews annoying dialogue and wonders if some Lord is dying. Keri is busy thinking to herself how much she hates men in general or something like that. Suddenly a Timekeeper, Bookkeeper, and Doorkeeper are in her bakery handing her things? After a lengthy description of what everyone’s wearing, it’s clear that the Lord is dead and Keri is the… successor? WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING. What world are we in and can we please get some other info so I actually care?

At 18% the story establishes that Nimmira is a small kingdom between two menacing kingdoms and that the Lord (or Lady) keeps Nimmira shrouded in mist. Keri assumed one of her half-brothers would be the successor, but it’s her. There is a TON of pointless filler of her half-brother stacking wine glasses, people wearing clothes, and Keri trying on dresses and questioning whether she should actually be the Lady.

I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, but they could have all used more development. Keri spends so much of the time thinking to herself that this really would have worked better as a first person POV. The writing was dull, unpolished, and didn’t flow well. Plus, there was no real tension or actual… story?

The King of Wyvern and the general book description sounded cool, but the story itself was pretty bland and poorly executed. DNF at 40%.


5 comments on “The Keeper of the Mist by Rachel Neumeier”

  1. I always get a bit disappointed when this happens. In this world of self-publishing, BookBub, etc I find this is starting to happen more and more often. This is even more disappointing from a fully published book!
    But– I am super impressed that you DNF’d. I respect reviews written for DNF’d books.

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