• Page Count: 416
  • Release Date: April 5, 2016
  • My Rating: 2 stars

The Glittering Court (The Glittering Court, #1)Big and sweeping, spanning from the refined palaces of Osfrid to the gold dust and untamed forests of Adoria, The Glittering Court tells the story of Adelaide, an Osfridian countess who poses as her servant to escape an arranged marriage and start a new life in Adoria, the New World. But to do that, she must join the Glittering Court.

Both a school and a business venture, the Glittering Court is designed to transform impoverished girls into upper-class ladies who appear destined for powerful and wealthy marriages in the New World. Adelaide naturally excels in her training, and even makes a few friends: the fiery former laundress Tamsin and the beautiful Sirminican refugee Mira. She manages to keep her true identity hidden from all but one: the intriguing Cedric Thorn, son of the wealthy proprietor of the Glittering Court.

When Adelaide discovers that Cedric is hiding a dangerous secret of his own, together they hatch a scheme to make the best of Adelaide’s deception. Complications soon arise—first as they cross the treacherous seas from Osfrid to Adoria, and then when Adelaide catches the attention of a powerful governor.

But no complication will prove quite as daunting as the potent attraction simmering between Adelaide and Cedric. An attraction that, if acted on, would scandalize the Glittering Court and make them both outcasts in wild, vastly uncharted lands…


Well, that was terribly boring.

The basic plot is that a young countess poses as her maid Adelaide in order to avoid an arranged marriage. She joins the Glittering Court, a company that trains girls to act like nobility so they can be shipped to America the colony of Adoria and… sold as brides to total strangers.

Major step up there.

Anyways, she falls in love with the son of the guy running the whole shindig and you will never ever guess who she ends up with.

I’m not sure how this qualifies as fantasy. It’s basically just historical fiction but the names of countries were changed and some half-formed heretic religion was added. The entire thing was absolutely dull. There was zero chemistry between Cedric and… whatever her real name was. Elizabeth? Who cares. And what time period was this meant to be? It talked about dresses SO MUCH but the girl’s language and mannerisms were way more modern.

More complaints: the whole premise of her being stuck in any situation was absurd because she was still a countess and had people back home looking for her. I get that she wanted her freedom, but at a certain point being married to a rich guy who itches a lot is a more attractive option than the workhouse hells or blackmail she felt trapped between in her new life.

The writing was fine, but that can’t save this story. Most of the plot was a series of “wtf how does one reach that conclusion” followed by a string of coincidences and majorly forced drama. I think it might appeal to younger teens and fans of The Selection, though!


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