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The final book in Elise Kova’s Air Awakens series comes out today, so I wanted to review the entire amazing series in one post to celebrate! I hadn’t heard anything about this series when I first picked it up after a friend’s recommendation, but it ended up being one of the best surprise series I’ve found!

It kind of feels like that Avatar tv show meets the Grisha Trilogy with a bit of Phantom of the Opera, Crown of Midnight, and The Winner’s Kiss thrown in? The writing and execution are not terribly strong, but the phenomenal worldbuilding, characters, and story more than make up for any technical shortcomings. The stories have castles, magic, libraries, war, princes… MAGIC PRINCES.

The basic plot: Vhalla Yarl is a library assistant who finds out she has the rarest elemental magic of air. She gets swept up into the life of the dark, brooding crown prince (who has fire magic) as they head off to war and eventually defend their kingdom from all sorts of evil.

The story does take a bit to get going in the first book, but it’s totally worth sticking through all the worldbuilding! The books have some seriously epic action scenes and adventure. The angst did get a bit too much at times (and I absolutely cringed during the sappy romance in the third book), but I was still solidly invested in everyone’s journey. The side characters really made this series what it is!

The official rating breakdown (and links to my individual Goodreads reviews):

I thought that the ending to Crystal Crowned was absolutely perfect, but wasn’t huge on how the characters and plot mostly kind of just meandered around the continent without there being a very clear direction for most of the story. There was a lot more telling than showing happening. The action and threats were definitely more serious in the previous books, but the ending was still a solid conclusion to a really fun series!

Thank you so much to Elise Kova for sending me a review copy of Crystal Crowned!

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