I’ll be posting short reviews of several different YA book subscription boxes over the next few weeks to help people with their holiday gift lists! All of these boxes are so much fun because you get a surprise new release book in the mail (and most come with some pretty awesome book merch). The boxes vary in price, content, and how frequently they’re shipped, so hopefully these comparisons can help you narrow down your choices!

Loot Crate has a whole bunch of subscription boxes for different fandoms, but my pick was obviously J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. This box is $34.99 + shipping, includes 5-7 items in every box, and ships every two months.


There were a couple different Harry Potter themed boxes available before the Fantastic Beasts movie, so the one below might be different than the regular one. I think I got a special edition one. But this still gives you an idea of Loot Crate items + packaging!


My box had a t-shirt, stuffed animal owl, funko pop, journal, keychain, pin, and a rolled up letter. The inside of the box says “I want to be a wizard” and the whole thing was just so much fun to get. All of the items were really well selected and high quality, so this is totally a box I’d recommend!

Loot Crate is doing a “21 Days of Geekmas” promotion + giveaway right now, so check it out:


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