• Page Count: 336
  • Release Date: January 31, 2017
  • My Rating: 2 stars

Book Description:

Blood of Wonderland (Queen of Hearts Saga #2) Dinah has been exiled from Wonderland. The vicious father she always feared has framed her for the brutal murder of her brother and turned the kingdom against her. 

Now hiding in the lush and mysterious Twisted Wood with only her war steed at her side, Dinah is faced with a choice: leave Wonderland forever or stay and fight her father for the throne. 

When a chance encounter with one of her father’s long-lost enemies brings Dinah more allies than she ever could have imagined, war starts to feel inevitable. But before Dinah can lead her people into combat, she must confront certain truths about her heart and her destiny—no matter how dark those truths may be.

Revolution is rising in Wonderland. Dinah’s battle has begun.

 My Thoughts:

I do like this series overall, but this book itself was a bit too slow for me. It’s mostly the bridge between the first and third books.

The story starts with Vittiore on the throne, the people of Wonderland believing that Dinah killed Charles, and the king hunting for her and raising taxes to fortify the city. Dinah meets a a Spade in the forest who sides with her in his quest for vengeance, but the story doesn’t really get moving until at least 20%. The Spade starts to train her and they meet up with a familiar character in another city. Most of this book is backstory for each character and the time needed for Dinah to decide if she wants to return to Wonderland and fight for her throne. There IS an awesome plot twist, though.

The last chapter was great and set up the next book to be pretty awesome! This is still one of the most creative versions of Wonderland I’ve found, so I do recommend this series if you like retellings.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC.


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