So if you’re wondering why my December monthly wrap up involves about half of my usual reading… blame Hallmark Christmas movies. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount this year, so here’s my ranking of worst to best just in case you’re looking to fit a couple movies into the precious few days left of this holiday season! (I know this is a YA book blog, but pretty sure Hallmark movie plots come super close to a YA story at times). I also threw in some Lifetime and ABC Family movies because they’re basically the same thing. The world is serious enough right now, so bring on the lighthearted, feel-good cheer:

36. Christmas Lodge

I don’t remember why I didn’t like this or what the movie was even about, so maybe that says enough.

35. Annie Claus is Coming to Town

Annie Claus is the annoying daughter of Santa Claus who goes to L.A. to find love and adventure at a motel. She gets a job in a struggling toy store owned by a single guy and continues to be obnoxious. The end.

34. The Nine Lives of Christmas

Brandon Routh was cute as Superman. Cats are adorable, too. But this was still kind of predictable & boring…

33. Snow Bride

A tabloid reporter is trying to do an article on a rich & famous guy, but ends up as his guest for the holidays. She feels guilty and has to make CHOICES, etc. So the plot of this one had a lot of cheesy potential, but the acting was just so painful that I had to turn it off halfway through 🙁

32. I’m Not Ready for Christmas

She can’t tell lies and it leads to super awkward moments with bad lighting. That’s about it.

31. Christmas Cookies

I couldn’t even finish this one because the woman was so incredibly unpleasant. The story is pretty close to “New in Town” and would have been SO much better if the sister was cast as the main character.

30. Pete’s Christmas

This was kind of depressing in parts with all of the fighting and just did not have as much HALLMARK CHEER™ (but I still think Bailee Madison is adorable).

29. Christmas Under Wraps

A doctor moves to a small town in Alaska and finds the holiday spirit. The Alaska bit is the best part. Otherwise the cast wasn’t my favorite, but it’s not a horrible movie.

28. Christmas at Cartwright’s

*gasp* A WOMAN IS DRESSED AS A MAN?!! Better expose that earth-shattering drama immediately and fire her ASAP. (That is seriously the plot).

27. Snow

The guy is actually Santa, so it’s a fun family movie… but it reminded me too much of “The Santa Clause” to be a favorite.

26. 12 Gifts of Christmas

This was kind of cute, but sometimes rich people problems are painful to sit through. Also, who just gives a stranger their credit card?!

25. Merry Matrimony

They were together in college… he’s the one that got away. You know how it ends. I like Jessica Lowndes from 90210 and the story was sweet (but forgettable).

24. My Christmas Dream

I love Danica McKellar, but this one was just kind of… boring. The main drama is CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS aaaand I honestly don’t remember the rest. She wants a promotion in Paris but might stay for a new guy she met? It was all very slow.

23. A December Bride

“Everywhere I look I see Christmas and I see you. And I love it.” Yeah this one was definitely cheesy, but the cast was still fine! It’s another one of those fake holiday romances that somehow turns into a wedding. Because OF COURSE.

22. Christmas Cupid

Ashley Benson is an angel who helps a mean girl change her ways – it’s one of the more YA feeling movies!

21. Holiday in Handcuffs

Ok so the plot of literally kidnapping a guy to be your boyfriend is a little odd, but this had some funny moments and was genuinely entertaining! I might have loved it because I was a huge Sabrina fan, though.

20. Snowglobe

Her family is hilarious and she goes inside of a snow globe and has to pick a guy in a love triangle. It was decent, but maybe not one of the top movies to watch if you’re only going to pick a few.

19. A Wish for Christmas

Santa grants her wish to be more assertive and she winds up shoving her way into the life of her boss… in a more Christmasy way. The best part was Lacey Chabert.

18. Ice Sculpture Christmas

The main character isn’t annoying, the ice sculpting stuff is pretty cool to watch, and the plot is cute!

17. Oh Christmas Tree!

It’s one of those stories about a grinch who learns to love Christmas but it’s all very festive and I liked the cast.

16. Every Christmas Has a Story

A grinchy reporter has to go to a small town and find her Christmas spirit, but it was the cast that made it better than the plot.

15.  Northpole

Basically, the North Pole is powered by happiness and in danger because everyone’s too busy to have holiday fun & cheer. Kevin and one of Santa’s optimistic elves help the mom discover the magic of the season and meet a guy.

14. Tis the Season for Love

It’s the typical story of the girl who moved to the big city and forgot her small town friends and then returns to find she belongs there with the super hot firefighter. All of their problems are so very simple and work out perfectly 🙂

13. Christmas Incorporated

This is the beginning of the movies I officially recommend — this one is cute! The guy goes to a small town to decide whether or not to close the toy factory he inherited. He has zero holiday spirit but his assistant steps in to clear up that nonsense.

12. A Very Merry Mix-Up

Ok HOW does this plot even happen. It’s predictable but I still won’t spoil it because the “reveal” is hilarious… the trailer doesn’t give it away either. This might be the most absurd story, but it’s still really sweet.

11. Once Upon a Holiday

The princess escapes her babysitters to run around New York City with a guy she randomly meets. There’s a pretty castle, too!

10. The Tree that Saved Christmas

Lacey Chabert’s character grew up on a Christmas tree farm and had big city dreams with her best friend. He stayed in the small town, though, and started working at the bank for his Grinch/Mr. Potter father who now wants to foreclose the farm. The girl returns home to save her family’s farm and fall in love with her former friend who is now super attractive. The end.

9. Crown for Christmas

She’s a hotel maid who’s fired a week before Christmas and was lucky enough to bump into a foreign king, so a man shows up at her apartment to eat her food and invite her to be a governess for some stranger in another country (which seems perfectly safe and legitimate). The main drama is the king NEEDS a wife asap… you can see where this is headed. The set decorations are hilariously atrocious, but it’s still a fun story.

8. The Mistletoe Promise

It’s the typical plot of a fake holiday romance, but Jaime King totally saved this one and made it adorable.

7. A Prince for Christmas

Ok so the PRINCE IS REALLY CUTE. He doesn’t want to marry a total stranger and have his whole life mapped out, so he runs off to a small town in America for a few days. A woman who just broke up with her boyfriend and wants to see the world is working in a small restaurant and helps the prince figure out their quaint ways. They go sledding and do all sorts of cute things and IT IS ADORABLE. There’s also fencing and hot accents.

6. A Royal Christmas

Lacey Chabert’s long term boyfriend turns out to be a prince (WHO WOULD HONESTLY COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS) of some small fictional European country situated somewhere around France & Switzerland because that’s evidently where American geography skills go fuzzy in every single movie. She goes to his castle and meets his hostile mother who wants her son to marry someone better, and then charms the whole country with her tacky American adorableness. It’s such a ripoff of The Prince & Me and I love it all.

5. My Christmas Love

The story is basically just that a mysterious stranger is sending the girl some romantic “12 Days of Christmas” themed gifts, but the guy is so adorable and the girl is seriously one of my all-time favorite characters ever. Like I would 100% be best friends with her. So this is definitely worth watching just for the characters!

4. 12 Date of Christmas

Kate has to relive Christmas Eve over and over until she becomes a nicer person and realizes that the blind date she brushed off miiiiight actually be a pretty great guy. She kind of annoyed me at first, but it becomes a sweet story by the end!

3. Christmas Kiss

A set designer unknowingly kisses the boyfriend of her horribly demanding boss in an elevator and then has to spend the holiday season decorating his house. It actually ends up being really cute and Jane from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is in it!

2. Love at the Christmas Table

It won’t let me embed this trailer and that makes me so sad because this one is SO ADORABLE. The guy & girl grew up together and then he moves away for college while she stays in the small town. They see each other once a year at Christmas and fall in love with each other at different points. It’s a bit more on the slow side, but the cast is awesome (Luke from Gilmore Girls is the dad) and it’s just so heartwarming.

1. A Princess for Christmas

Umm yes this has been a favorite Christmas movie for years and it is ESSENTIAL. I guess this actor is in Outlander now, but he’ll always be the gorgeous prince from an even more beautiful estate in some nonsense European country. The basic story is that Morgana brings her niece & nephew to see their estranged grandfather and finds out he’s some kind of royalty. Her brother-in-law’s brother who is absolutely not related to her is a prince, so… you know how it ends. If you like YA stories and/or fairy tales, this one’s the best 🙂

I know these movies start to look the same and the main characters blend together after a bit:

But I think we all know what we’re getting into with a Hallmark movie. It’s just a nice break to see problems that are about as serious as BAD DECORATIONS.

Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed one you love!


13 comments on “Ranking 30+ Hallmark Christmas Movies”

  1. OhMyGosh! I’m a HUGE Hallmark movie buff (I talk about them WAY too much too). I have favorites, but basically I just heart em all. 😉 Because, they’re so cute, fun and festive – and they simply make you happy so long as you “let them.”

    I was really impressed with all I saw this year including “Hearts of Christmas,” “My Christmas Love,” “Love You Like Christmas,” “Christmas in Homestead,” and “A December Bride” (+ MORE!). Of those on your list, I adore all of the “royal” films (especially “A Princess for Christmas” and “Once Upon a Holiday”) and will confess to loving ‘Nine Lives’ too. 😉 I don’t remember “Christmas Incorporated” real well, but do recall enjoying it.

    Super fun post! 🙂

    • Ooh I need to see Christmas in Homestead still!! And wow, you really do know your Hallmark movies! 🙂

    • Sorry! The holidays got a bit busy but I’m still watching Christmas movies now 🙂 Hope you got to see some!

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