I’m trying something a bit different this year where I’ll post a few highlighted reviews on my blog throughout the month and then just let people go to that month’s wrapup post’s list of everything I read to find the links to all of my Goodreads reviews.

I’ll still post a review on here if I loved the book and/or had a lot to say! It just gets a bit overwhelming to stay on top of the review posts when I usually read 30+ books each month… that would be like me posting at least 1 review each day and NOTHING else.

I’ve been kind of avoiding my blog for the past 6 months (whoops) because it started to feel like an endless list of stuff I had to catch up on instead of posts I wanted to do. I have so many saved drafts of posts from last spring that I never got to finish because I felt like I had to prioritize posts for publishers & marketing companies or catch up on the past 20+ reviews I still hadn’t posted.

Blog tours & posts from companies are awesome (and I’m super grateful to have that opportunity), but they also don’t involve a lot of creativity when I’m mostly copying and pasting the assets I’m sent or just rephrasing their super specific pitch “in my own words.” I’ve been feeling like this total robotic lack of enthusiasm has been seeping into everything I’ve been doing on here, soooo I’m going to change the focus of this blog a bit this year.

And I really don’t mean to bash book reviews or anything because that is totally what I’m all about! I obviously love sharing my thoughts about books and hearing from other readers. I have a lot more to say about all of this, but mostly just wanted to let you all know that I’M STILL HERE and to make sure you check out the monthly wrap-ups for the full list & ratings of everything I read each month!

It’s looking like 2018 is going to be yet another year of Hallmark movie marathons and playlists that are made up entirely of Adrian von Ziegler, BrunuhVille, and Antti Martikainen. I’m all sorts of predictable, I know.

But ok this song will never get old:

Let me know in the comments what you read/watched/listened to in January! Any recommendations?



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