I’ve always wanted a Harry Potter “Weasley” sweater, but the official ones sold online from theme parks & studio tours are pretty expensive. I know I could try to knit one, buuuut I kind of want it sometime this decade… I’m already in the holiday spirit now! So here’s a way to make a Weasley sweater in one day for about $5.

You just need a few yards of basic cheap yarn, one of those giant yarn needles you can find for around $1 at any craft store, and a sweater.


Basically all you do is just stitch a letter onto a pre-existing sweater! I made this process up as I went, but turns out it’s actually a real thing called the duplicate stitch (knitters around the world are probably rolling their eyes right now). So I’d recommend googling the duplicate stitch because any video or article will explain it far better than I ever could. But here’s the end result:

harry potter sweater


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  1. This is a dream come true, I am definitely going to try this out during Christmas 🎄 😬💕✨ thank you so much

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