This is going to be a series of blog posts over the next 2 weeks, so I’ve broken it down into an overview of what I’ve been doing, an overview of supplies and tips, a step-by-step tutorial with random insights, and then detailed examples of which parts I used for each character and the best average prices. If a link doesn’t work yet, that’s because I haven’t published that post yet (so check back soon):

  1. What I’ve Been Doing
  2. Supplies & Basic Tips
  3. Tutorial
  4. How to Make Clay Wings (that can handle shipping)
  5. Grisha Characters
  6. ADSOM Characters
  7. ACOTAR/TOG Characters
  8. Lunar + HP Characters
  9. Other Characters

See my @pagewithapop instagram for updates each week!

I’ve also started selling some of my extra supplies in my Etsy shop! It’s time-consuming to remove the heads and then you’re left with pieces you don’t always need, so now you can grab just the pieces you want to use!

Obviously I don’t own any of these characters or ideas (or funkos or the idea of customizing them in general). But I’ve been working on all of the custom pops and this blog post series as a fun project to spread some enthusiasm in the bookstagram community, so consider giving a shoutout if you were directly inspired by any of my pictures or posts. And I would absolutely love to see whatever you come up with (or answer any questions), so feel free to tag me @pagewithaview or send a message!

And if you want a 10% off code for my Etsy, check out my wonderful reps:

A note on shipping

International shipping costs me $22.50 to ship one funko (before the cost of supplies), but I only charge $20. Adding a second funko usually brings the price to around $34, but I only charge $29. So it’s calculated by weight and I’m really sorry that I can’t lower it even further for everyone who asks. However, I’ve done all of the math I can to find the best options and it looks like if international customers want to order 6-9 funkos then the large flat rate priority box at $60 becomes the best option by far. Message me to do a custom listing for a bundle!


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