Last March my dad accidentally broke the head off of my Sherlock funko when he was moving my bookshelf and I realized that you could totally mix & match funko parts to make new characters they don’t sell. I googled this and found the whole world of custom funkos, but nobody was making the book characters I wanted. So I spent the next several weeks brainstorming different designs and looking up SO MANY FUNKOS (seriously, I don’t want to know how much of my memory is taken up by this).

I wanted some of my designs to focus more on mixing & matching pieces that already looked a bit like the characters so they could blend in better on my shelves and look as close to factory-made funkos as possible. A lot of them required paint & clay, though, so it turned into a fun summer project where my parents could help out with that.

I started a separate @pagewithapop instagram account in June to share pictures of the ideas I’ve come up with so far and it’s been so fun to see everyone’s enthusiasm for their favorite characters. I’m not going to be doing an actual Etsy shop for these anymore, but if you really want to do a custom order then feel free to message me and I’ll what I can do. Right now I’m mostly making them for friends!

Otherwise, a lot of people have started making their own custom funkos or asking me what they should do, so here’s a basic idea of what I’ve been doing! Hope something can help:

  1. Supplies & Basic Tips
  2. Tutorial



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