• Page Count: 485
  • Release Date: March 27, 2007
  • My Rating: 3.5 stars

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder― much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It’s hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing―not even a smear of blood―to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It’s also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace’s world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know…

Exotic and gritty, exhilarating and utterly gripping, Cassandra Clare’s ferociously entertaining fantasy takes readers on a wild ride that they will never want to end.


Yes, it is 2016 and I am just now reading this series for the first time. Slow clap for my decade-late entrance to this party…

These books have such an intense fandom that it seemed almost impossible to keep reviewing YA books without this reference point. I saw the movie and wasn’t terribly impressed, but people are right — the books are better!

THAT ENDING WAS HILARIOUS and made the whole story a million times better. I was laughing so hard… awkward and weird, but definitely did not expect that plot twist with Jace.

I took a star off because I just could not connect with Clary or get any sense of her character at all. I didn’t exactly dislike her or anything… she was just this empty shell of a placeholder. And I’m sorry but I cannot stand Jace. He was kind of a jerk and his jokes got annoying. Unpopular opinion, I know.

But I did like some of the other characters like Alec, so I’m mostly holding off judgement to see where they go in the sequels! This story did take a bit to get going and dragged a little toward the middle, but it was fun overall. I can’t quite put my finger on what reminds me of Twilight & Divergent but something about the writing does. Like whatever the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster is for YA writing? Similar formula, works every time.


15 comments on “City of Bones by Cassandra Clare”

  1. I agree with you on your rating. I found that I couldn’t connect with Clary also, but I think I need to reread City of Bones and see where the series takes me. 🙂

    • She was just never the strongest character for me, but I thought the actual story got a bit more interesting. I’m a MUCH bigger fan of The Infernal Devices, though!

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