I adore signed copies, but have actually never met an author in real life (awesome credentials for a book blogger, I know). There’s just something way more meaningful about having signed copies of my favorite books, though.

I usually just have friends & family go to signings or authors/publishers will send me books that are already signed (all of which involves some seriously wonderful people). But sometimes I track down books through the small bookstores that get a lot of authors on tour stops. You can preorder a signed + personalized copy if you know about the author’s visit in advance, or you can just scroll through the list of signed copies they have in stock! So here’s a list of stores I’ve used before.

(PS: most sites ask that you specify in the order comments that you’d like a signed copy… otherwise you might just be buying the plain book).

1. Red Balloon Bookshop: St. Paul, MN

This is my local bookstore that does SUCH an amazing job with their events. They’re on the smaller side, but still pull in some really big names. They’re really great about getting children’s authors, too. You can preorder books to be signed & personalized at events or call the store to see which signed copies they have in stock!

2. Changing Hands Bookstore: Tempe & Phoenix, AZ

They have a couple big name authors each month, so I linked to their event calendar. It’s easiest to find the signing you want and then preorder the book from that page.

3. Mysterious Galaxy: San Diego, CA

This bookstore has been so incredibly kind and helpful that I can’t recommend them enough. They have a ton of signed first editions available and even more that you can preorder to be signed & personalized at their upcoming events. Their international shipping is really reasonable, too!

4. Parnassus Books: Nashville, TN

They have a pretty wide range of signed books and you can order them from events as well!

5. Malaprop’s Bookstore: Asheville, NC

There aren’t as many big name author events here, so I just linked directly to their events calendar so you can check it out for yourself.

6. Books of Wonder: New York, NY

You can just straight up browse and buy a bunch of signed YA books. Shipping is on the more expensive side, but I suppose if you can buy several books it’s worth it.

7. King’s English: Salt Lake City, UT

Again, I just linked directly to their events page so you can find the author you want. They have some pretty big names!

8. Target

Ok it took me forever to discover that Target had a whole section of signed books. I don’t usually buy books from Target, but their signed book prices are awesome! Other big bookstores like Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble also have signed books.

9. Book People: Austin, TX

This bookstore hosts a lot of events, so check out the calendar I linked to and/or their FAQ page.

10. Nova Teen Book Festival: Arlington, VA (March)

This book festival is amazing because they let you buy books online to be personalized + signed and shipped to you. So even if you aren’t able to attend, you can still pick from a pretty impressive range of YA authors!

11. Books & Books: FL

They have free media mail shipping on signed books, so that’s always fun.

12. Bookshop Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz, CA

You have to sort through some non-YA titles to find the good stuff, but this is a good resource too.

13. Anderson’s Bookshop: Naperville, IL

This store gets a ton of big authors, so keep checking their events calendar. And they definitely do ship signed + personalized preorders across the country!

14. Flyleaf Books: Chapel Hill, NC

They don’t have quite as many events, so I linked to their calendar.

15. Blue Willow Bookshop: Houston, TX 

I linked to their calendar and think they have some great authors stopping by!

I’ll keep adding stores as I find them, but those are the ones I’ve tried so far and liked! Let me know in the comments if there are some others you use (or if you know of some good international sites).


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  1. Thanks so much for this!! I love this! As I don’t get out much I always miss out on book events that do signings! <3

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