The Blogger Spotlight section highlights people in the book blogging community whose work I really admire. If you’re involved in the book community on pretty much any social media, you’ve probably seen Stacee’s accounts — her David Tennant/Doctor Who icon is everywhere 🙂

Stacee seriously reads a TON and her love for YA is contagious. She also has some of the most regular and entertaining blog posts I’ve found (check out her latest road trip to the Fierce Reads Tour)!

You can find Stacee at:
Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Instagram  |  Her Blog

Blogger Q&A:

• Tell us a little bit about your blog — what kinds of things do you post?
My blog is called Adventures of a Book Junkie and I mainly recap author events that I go to.  I also like to have author interviews and other sorts of book promo, but I try to only feature books and authors I fangirl over.

• What country are you from?
I live in sunny Southern California in the US. 

• Which platform are you most active on?
All of them?  I’m a whore for social media.

Twitter is probably the place I’m most active.  It’s also the place I’m myself the most.  IG is all about staging and filters and pretty photos.  Twitter is all about typing and posting the thoughts in my head faster than realizing I shouldn’t be saying it.  However, there seems to be an audience for my crazy.

Sometimes I want to be more active on IG, but I have horrible lighting in my apartment. I take all of my Instagram photos on the weekend and currently don’t have the time or ambition to take enough photos to post more than once a day.

• What made you get involved in the book blogging community and how did you start?
I was in the middle of a week of book signings and I stopped at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach to pick up a signed Laini Taylor while on the way to Santa Monica to see Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  I was talking to the manager there about it and she told me that I should be blogging about it.  The idea stuck right away, but I had no idea what I was doing and my recaps were pretty sloppy.  I’ve gotten a lot faster at typing on my phone while the event is happening.  I don’t catch everything, but I get most of it.

Goodreads happened in a year later because I wanted to keep track of how many books I read in a year. It’s evolved into where I post my reviews, since I rarely review on the blog.  Bookstagram is fairly recent…I think I’ve been doing that for year.

• Is there a specific series that made you really get into YA books?
I’m not ashamed to say it was Twilight.  It was around the time that the movie came out and it was just everywhere.  I bought Twilight on a whim and it sat on my desk for probably 2-3 months.  I picked it up because I had finished the Kathy Reichs book I was reading and the next one in the series hadn’t been delivered. I quickly became obsessed.

• What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year?
There are so many, but my top book of the year is Caraval by Stephanie Garber

• Which 2017 release are you really looking forward to? unnamed
The first book in The Shaw Confessions by Michelle Hodkin.  I need more Noah POV right now.

• If you could live in one book world, what would it be?
Probably Harry Potter, but it would have to be while Sirius was still alive.  I’d take the risk of Voldemort being around as well.

• Which character would you want to be best friends with?
I would probably get along the best with Caymen from The Distance Between Us by Kasie West or Eleanor from the Something Strange and Deadly series by Susan Dennard.  I want to be BFFs with Lila Bard, but she sort of scares me too.

• OTP?
Feyre and Rhysand.  I could easily read those two forever. Because Rhysand.

• If you could hang out with any author for a day, who would you choose?
For fangirling purposes, I want to say Michelle Hodkin, but I know I would be a hot mess and it would be a worthless day.  I know I would have loads of fun with AG Howard, Tamara Ireland Stone, Kasie West, Paula Stokes and Susan Dennard.

• Top 3 book recommendations?
Since this question is impossible, I’m going to name some favorites out this year: The Worst Thing About Me is You by Lily Anderson, When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore, and The Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes

• What’s been the coolest part of book blogging so far?
Being able to meet and become friendly with authors that I love.

• Any advice to someone looking to start their own blog, bookstagram, booklr, etc?
Be yourself and do it because you love it.  Don’t do it for free books or followers or that will come through in your content.  No one in the book community has your voice, so don’t waste it.

Thank you so much for answering all of this!


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  1. Wow Thank you so much Cait for interviewing Stacee. I followed her blog and her IG and now I found more about her 😀 you asked lot interesting questions. May I use your question to interview my fav blogger? 🙂

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