The Blogger Spotlight section highlights people in the book blogging community whose work I really admire. Chelsea has amazing taste in books and is super active on Goodreads! Her reviews are SO wonderfully enthusiastic and full of all of the feels (I mean, just look at how incredibly detailed her answers below are). If you’re looking for books to read check out her account or the blog she contributes to!

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Blogger Q&A:

• Tell us a little bit about your blog — what kinds of things do you post? chelsea
Wellllll the best thing about my blog is that I share it with three other lovely ladies, so we have a LOT of diversity in what we read and, even though we agree about a lot (obviously), we differ in our opinions for a lot of books. We are big on reading at the same time (buddy reads are our FAV) so it’s always nice-and funny-to see two reviews posted about the same book with absolutely polar opposite ratings and ramblings. But you asked what kind of books we post-I guess the most common theme is obviously romance, but we tend to really like the YA fantasy most….but any day of the week may result in a totally different genre post. You never know with our zany group.

• Which platform are you most active on (goodreads, tumblr, your blog, etc)
ABSOLUTELY Goodreads. I am OBSESSED with it. I love all the wonderful people I’ve met and the best friends for life I’ve made. I text about 5-6 people every day from GR that I have met over the years, and they literally make my day. So, not only have I found the books that truly speak to me most, I’ve found people that understand my obsession and can fangirl (or listen to me fangirl) alongside me…and I don’t feel judged. It’s so freeing. I don’t even know what I’d do without it!!

• Which country are you from?
Amerrrricaaaa, Ameerriiccaaaaaaa….Sorry, I broke out in song. Whoops. That’s USA if you couldn’t tell. Totally in the 4th of July mode, since I’m about to head home for that wonderful three day weekend! 😛

• Is there a specific series that made you really get into YA books?
Yes….and it is my number one obsession always and forever-THE HUNGER GAMES. I’ve read all my life, but THG made me a rabid reader and someone who will always chase that high. I owe my love of reading (or getting back to reading daily) to Suzanne Collins…what an evil mastermind!

• What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year?
That’s hard because I think I’ve added, like, 10 books or more to my absolute favorites shelf this year so far…but I think I’ll say Six of Crows. I KNOW I KNOW…but I saved it so I wouldn’t have a long wait until book two and whaddya know?? It consumed my very being from the first line about Kaz. But I must note: I’ve met many amazing characters (men) this year. It’s unreal.

• Which 2016 release are you really looking forward to?
Sigh. These questions. Okay, I have SO MANY…but I think my TOP TWO (I don’t follow the rules, I am so sorry, Cait) are:
– A Torch Against the Night  by Sabaa Tahir
– Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
Both sequels. Both absolutely vital to my well-being.

• If you could live in one book world, what would it be?
Ahhh okay so, I literally thought all weekend (4th of July weekend, no less, this is how serious I was about answering this honestly) about which world I really want to live in…because it’s not as simple as saying your favorite book ever, because you would probably die in that world (cough THG cough). So, you see my dilemma. All my top favorites I immediately thought  of were deadly and not that pleasant, so when it finally clicked, I was ECSTATIC because I love this world and the people:
I’d live in the four Londons of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
I mean, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE. Four Londons (though, come on, I wana live where my boy Kell lives! Red London all the way!) to hop around to and from with my man by my side (Naturally I’m assuming he’d kick Lila to the curb for me). And magic! Adventure. Castles and different languages and traveling the sea. Seriously- Is there anything better than having it ALL? I don’t think so.

• Which character would you want to be best friends with?
Katniss. Boom. I was about to get analytical and really dig deep for this one, all my favorite heroines flashing through my head (Penryn, all the Stiletto Girls (Julie Green specifically) and many more) and all my BBFs (that would just cause a riot because he and hubs would NOT get along, what with me drooling all over him) but I refuse to over think this one. Katniss is tough. Katniss is hardcore. Katniss could defend me with her epic bow and arrow skills. And she’s a sarcastic asshole, kind of like me. Okay, no, I’m just (mostly) sarcastic….but she sure would be fun to snark at people with. And, hey, Peeta would keep me full with his amazing cake and bread baking skills. Would I choose Katniss if I had more time to think about it? Always.

• OTP?
Ummm, I’m sorry but I CANNOT choose just one!!!!!! Plus, I don’t even really know what this means, so I had to ask someone-Since I still don’t quite get it, I think I’ll choose people who haven’t gotten together yet and I REALLY want to be together. But I know I’m forgetting some…WHICH REALLY BOTHERS ME.
– Kaz/Inej  (Six of Crows)
– Cal/Mare (Red Queen)
– Garret/Ember (Talon)
– Kell/Lila (Darker Shade of Magic)
– Elias/Laia  (An Ember in the Ashes)
– Magnus/Cleo (Falling Kingdoms)…okay, I broke my rule

• If you could hang out with any author for a day, who would you choose?
Okay so, this one is hard, but it really isn’t. I thought about it all weekend (not as much as that world question, though *shakes fist indignantly at the sky*) because there are so many fantasy-dystopian-sci-fi authors I want to meet…but I totally forgot, until literally just now, that there is an author I have repeatedly named as my author soul mate. Many authors touch me in a perilistic and romantic I-will-love-you-and-save-you-always-even-if-it-costs-me-my-own-life way. I ADORE these books more than ANY. But the fact remains…Lauren Layne writes hilarious and fun contemporaries that literally always bring me out of a funk or a bad mood. And, frankly, she talks just like I do, she loves the same things I do, and she has a Pomeranian…just like I do. Boom. Why wouldn’t I hang out with my absolute author bestie (sounds so creepy…)?
So, the answer is simple, really: If I’m being logical and thinking less hero worship, more compatibility as PEOPLE, I know LL is the best author choice. How is THAT for a logical and well thought out answer? #Neurotic

• Top 3 book recommendations?
Again, another question that is so troubling to me because I can say 100 of my favorites and still not be done. This is especially hard on me because I’m very pushy with my favorites toward all my friends.
I mean…ugh. Okay. Instead of top three I’ll do top three out of comfort zone categories??  Maybe suggest some books people might skip over because they are taboos? This might make it easier on me (I GUESS).
– Angelfall by Susan Ee …because angels-these books are NEVER done correctly.
– My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga – Suicide books are extremely hard to tackle and very sensitive subjects
– Talon by Julie Kagawa –because…dragons.
There are two more I really wanted to mention (plus 100) but I am going to conveniently forget them! Hard as that is…

• What’s been the coolest part of book blogging so far?
Definitely the connection you make not only with your friends on the blog, but the blog tour companies and authors you get to talk to. And, ya know, there is just something so refreshing about being able to express your creativity (or, in my case, spazziness) on a platform that showcases the best of you. I don’t know…it’s extremely freeing.

• Any advice to someone looking to start their own blog, bookstagram, booklr, etc
Well…this sounds super negative up front, but I feel I need to be honest. Blogging is an amazing, out of this world experience, and I have wanted to create a book blog for YEARS. It just so happened the opportunity became easier to grasp when I met all my wonderful friends and we all wanted to spread the word about our favorite books in the same way. That being said, my beginning advice is this: Blogging is GREAT…but it is a LOT of work. I thought it was all puppies and rainbows and kittens…and frankly, it’s not. There is a ton of technical stuff that I never knew even existed behind the scenes, and I would have long ago given up if not for my wonderful, tech-savvy friends. SO, my REAL advice is to just take a breather, really research the platform you are going to use (because some are much harder and technical than others), and make sure you are ready to spend a few days getting it up and running, getting used to it, and making sure you are ready to maintain. It’s SO MUCH FUN, and it’s even more fun when you have it functioning correctly. And, hey, maybe even grab a couple friends (WITH SIMILAR OPINIONS AND INTERESTS-and then you dole out responsibilities beforehand) so you can make your blog the best it can be! Without my lovely girls, my blog would have gone nowhere and would have been long since abandoned. Have fun with it and take a chance! In the end, you will feel absolutely wonderful. ☺

Thanks so much for sharing!!


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